First Time with Whatsapp for PC Windows

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Whatsapp has become much more than a popular service for sending and receiving messages between users. In fact, Whatsapp is an addiction for pretty much all Smartphone users. At this moment, it has active users for about 1.1 billion, but this number does not represent only the Smartphone users because the service can easily be installed on a tablet or even on Windows or Mac-based computers. If you want to use Whatsapp for PC completely free of charge, you have landed on the right place.

Here, I want to show you how you can download and install Whatsapp for PC Windows, in only a few steps. All you have to do is to pay attention, and after, you can successfully use Whatsapp on your personal computer, in the same way, as you use the famous service on your mobile device.


However, you will definitely notice the fact that Whatsapp For PC might be slightly different compared to the mobile version. It does have some extra features, but, in the same time, you will see that some of them are limited. Nonetheless, for a person who spends a lot of time in front of a computer, I am sure that the option of installing this amazing service on a computer is more than welcomed.

The simplest and easiest method in which you can download and install Whatsapp for PC is through an Android emulator. In this respect, we have the possibility to use Bluestacks or YouWave. These two emulators are a little bit different, but, eventually, they will do the same job. I would recommend you to choose Bluestacks, since it is simpler and easier, and most important; it is completely free of charge.

Therefore, as you can see, first, you need to download Bluestacks app player on your PC and install it. This will take a couple of minutes, which includes the newly created account. You will have to create an account in order to link it to your Google account. Only in this way, you will have access to all those installed apps and games.

The next step is to search for Whatsapp and install the application on your computer. It is worth mentioning the fact that Whatsapp is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 8. Again, downloading and installing Whatsapp may take a couple of minutes. That is it. Now, you can use Whatsapp for PC free and simple.

However, before actually starting to use Whatsapp, you will have to configure the service. If you are already familiar with Whatsapp, I am sure that you will not encounter any problems. However for those of you who do not know who to do this, here are some advices. When first launched, Whatsapp will ask for your phone number and the country you live in.

Since it is based on a phone number, you need to provide a valid one. Keep in mind that this is the only way in which you can connect with your contacts. In the same time, you will receive a verification code on the respective number. After you have the verification code, enter it on the right text box and wait for Whatsapp to start. This is the moment when you can start chatting with your friends in a free and easy manner.

Apple Trying To Stop Driving And Texting

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Apple’s CarPlay technologies might assist curb texting while driving, but Cupertino needs to take the procedure a measure farther.
Based on a patent application today released, Apple needs to construct a lockout mechanism that would disable specific smartphone capabilities while the car is in movement.
The program would presumably be incorporated into CarPlay–a safer option for utilizing an I-phone while driving. Compatible with participating automobiles’ indigenous interfaces, the technologies permits for messaging via a voice-command or swift pat, global positioning system navigation, audio, and telephone calls, and allows you to obtain Siri without gap.


But while sophisticated technology may be interesting, it does not supply policy contract that the guidelines will be followed by motorists. So, Apple is eyeing a method while you generate to immobilize handheld computing products.
“Texting while driving has become an important problem of parents, law-enforcement, and the public,” the patent stated, mentioning 2006 report that identified 80% of car accidents are due to diverted driving.
“New regulations are being created to make texting prohibited while driving,” Apple mentioned in the record. “Yet, police report that their everyday skill to get wrongdoers is restricted because the texting device can be employed out of sight, therefore making text messaging while driving-even more threatening.”
It is also establish for a predetermined quantity of operations; possibly parents need to ensure their children can not use the texting or voice-call functions, but are nonetheless competent to obtain GPS services.

Cupertino is seeking to use GPS information, mobile information, an integrated accelerometer, or a mild detector, to truly determine whether the hand-held gadget is in movement.
Its “clear texting” program turns your smart-phone camera in to a third eye, showing exactly what’s in the pedestrian’s route as the backdrop of a messaging program.
Texting while driving, yet, is usually regarded as a substantially more threatening practice.

A bayonet mount is truly a manner of attaching specific parts, like a lense on a cam. Based on Apple, there are numerous methods to affix some thing to a gadget, but these mechanisms “might detract from the aesthetic attractiveness of the device or change the form-factor of the device into a less desired shape.”
This is not Apple’s first interchangeable-lens rodeo: As Apple Insider described, the corporation has submitted similar patents before, including January’s “rear panel for a mobile electronic device with distinct camera lens alternatives” and “magnetic addon lenses with alignment ridge.”
But maybe we’ll find these camera alternatives earlier as opposed to afterwards, asleaked pictures that supposedly came from a Foxconn factory reveal a protruding optical lens on another iPhone.

Three Amazing Cydia Apps for iPad

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Owning an iPad does not only make your life easier but it also makes it extremely fun. Only thinking about all the Apps that can be installed on it and all the games makes you smile. However, the Apple Store seems to be against iOS users having all the Apps they want, so they don’t approve with all of them.

cydia 1Fortunately, this is not a problem anymore as there were some smart people who came up with a better idea: jailbreaking the iOS device and using Cydia download instead of the online Apple Store. The third-party store is actually very easy to use, being similar to the one owned by Apple. The big difference between the two stores is referring to the number of Cydia Apps, which appears to be enormous, when compared to the apps available at the Apple Store.

Not only that Cydia offers an amazing number of Apps, but they are also extremely useful and fun, improving all iOS users’ lifestyle.

Great Cydia Apps for iPad

1.            Nitrous

Nitro is an app that appears to be by default on iOS apps like Safari and iBooks. Actually, the reason why this swift’s functions are very responsive is Nitro. However, Nitrous is one of the Cydia Apps, and what it has differently is that extends the service Nitro is already doing to some apps, to other important apps such as Google Chrome or Facebook, making them better, with improved JavaScript performance.

2.            Activator

Many jailbroken iOS users believe that this is by far one of the most useful Cydia Apps, especially when it comes to the iPad. Once Activator has been installed, the user is able to set up any trigger button like Home, Sleep, Volume or even the iPad shake to bring forward the screen. Once the screen has been brought forward, the iPad owner has the capability to draw gestures to execute numerous commands and functions. In addition to all of these, the Cydia App makes it possible to launch applications, specific tweaks, perform many in-app functions and system actions.

3.            Auxo

Auxo is a great app with numerous features, toggles and functions, which also styles up any iPad whose user seems a little bored with the device. Once Activator has been downloaded and installed, the standard icon view transforms into diminutive preview app cards that can be removed with a swipe.

Bluestacks Emulator to Install Whatsapp on Windows

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The process of installing Whatsapp on PC is actually really simple, and it takes about 10 or 15 minutes, depending on the speed that your computer runs. The first thing you will have to know is that you will need to install the Bluestacks Android emulator. You will need to make your computer work as an Android based operating system.

I exemplified the steps bellow using Bluestacks mostly because the emulator is free. There are several other Android emulators available, but they cost a small amount of money, and I am sure that most of you will not want to not even a penny for downloading an emulator. Once you download Bluestacks, the program will set up the home screen and the Android smartphones programs on your computer, and it can be installed from Google Play.

whatsapp for pc

Before you start the actual process, you will need to know a couple of things. First of all, when you activate Whatsapp on PC, the account on your smartphone will be deactivated and it only allows one account per device. This happens in case you that are running the same phone number on your PC as you run on your mobile device.

Secondly, keep in mind that Bluestacks is an English-only application, which means that if you are using a different language, do not use characters that are not found in the English alphabet because you might encounter errors.

Step-by-step Guide to Install Whatsapp on PC

1. Download Bluestacks and the Whatsapp Emulator. Proceed with the installation process as indicated during the procedure.

2. Launch Bluestacks and search for Whatsapp for PC. For this, Bluestacks will require two configuration steps. First, it will open a window called One Time Setup. Follow the exact instructions until you see the message. That would be all.

3. When the process will end, Google Play will automatically open. Just insert the information from your account.

4. Now, you can search for Whatsapp application. Within the Google Play, just search and install Whatsapp.

5. Finally, you will have to set up your account in the application and indicated your phone number and country. At this point, you will receive a verification process of 6 digits. Type the code into the verification box.

This should be all. Now, you can easily enjoy Whatsapp for Windows or Mac, the same way as you use the application on your smartphone.

It is worth mentioning the fact that you will have to use two different numbers. As I stated earlier, you cannot use the application on two devices using the same phone number. For this, just add a different number in order to avoid complications and start adding your contacts. Now, you can communicate with your friends only when you download Whatsapp for PC free.

IPhone may be the most famous touch smartphone ever!

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13Whether you’re conscious of the climbing iPhone apps Development Business or maybe not, you could undoubtedly be using applications On Your own cell phone, which can give a faint notion to you that we now have app  app. Notwithstanding the very fact, that iPhone apps are a few of probably the very flexible and dependable apps To utilize. It is due to the iPhone that developers got a challenging job of building notable apps to get an impression mobile unlike any other. By which, yet again it had been Apple’s programmers who assembled cutting edge apps for Apple users. Its only cell phone version till now, that has become probably the most successful ever in history. With just one kind of mobile phone generation, Apple overcame the market using its breath-taking income record. The income of iPhones till now has experienced millions, meaning countless user have purchased it, resulting into a rise within the demand and need of apps. The app development business hasn’t found this kind of steep increase. The app Business entered the amount to become an overly busy money-making area.

The Computer software Development Kit (SDK) can be obtained for free, rendering it simple for your programmer to create any changes in the app. Consequently, programming for iPhone apps Isn’t therefore challenging. Once an iPhone app Is done, it must be proven by the iPhone emulator. Should you desire it is possible to commercialize your created a program by offering it on the fixed rate if not give it away without cost to iPhone users. And, should you be in a position to offer it at the quoted price subsequently 70% of the gains made are credited for your requirements. The main reason of innumerable iPhone apps Available on the marketplace is that it really is flooded with gifted and proficient iPhone app developers, that are prepared to work on reasonable packages and built customized apps for you personally. Programmers also work with businesses offering customized development services to customers. Generally Speaking, you could either hire an expert iPhone app Programmer or download existing apps from online retailers.

IPhones Cases come in Several Styles

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IPhone 4 cases produced from material extends the life span of your own phone because of its shock-resistant quality. IPhone case comfortably fits the device and its tough shell protects the telephone from unintended falls or falls. The finest thermoplastic cases abandon switches and ports open for easy accessibility. The Bamboo Produced Case is made from bamboo that makes it actually environment friendly. This particular instance is lightweight and fits perfectly nicely in your iPhone 4. The sense in your fingers is also fine and quite sleek. It’s costing $26.99 each and accessible only in light-brown bamboo color.

USB Fever absolutely has all of the types of cases you desire. You’re guaranteed of the caliber of every situation which you’ll purchase from Hardware Temperature therefore look at these amazing cases on the official site. Furthermore, they sport quite fashionable styles without ruining the first appearance of the telephone. The Opponent case is effective, without a doubt about it. It covers your iPhone in two levels of protective material along with for a stand the holster that’s included increases.

The Opponent is now accessible a variety of color choices. Power cases are created for sensible people. They’re designed to continue and also to defend the telephone. Aside from the cases and covers, there are cases that wear and click on the preceding instance you could select from. These designs offered plastic, tough plastic, plastic, and leather cases. The newest style is the silicon skin covers. This sort of cases is obtainable in an assortment of Hello Kitty pictures and a substantial group of colors. This sort of cover can just slip through your phone completely. In this manner, your telephone will be quite fashionable in the look. Furthermore, it may shield your iPhone concurrently.

Generally they’re made from plastic or carbon fibre. Make certain to appear for this also if you’re searching for a humorous or even a high class iPhone leather cases as protection is extremely essential to your telephone.

Background Manager Cydia Tweak Review

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As you know, jailbreaking and Cydia download store offers multiple options and features. With the right Cydia tweaks, it is easier for you to take advantage of your device more and more. Cydia download store can be the place where you can find everything you need for your device. The third-party store can be a real source of great free Cydia apps, tweaks, themes, extensions, wallpapers and more.

If you are interested in finding the best Cydia apps available for your iOS 6 devices, then you should definitely browse throughout Cydia store. IPhone jailbreakers are able to enjoy the benefits of backgrounding and multitasking. Here, I want to show you a great new Cydia app recently launched.

Background Manager comes to help users after the original Backgrounder project has been abandoned. At the first sight, users confirmed the fact that Background Manager is more stable and more feature rich than its predecessor. As the name suggests, the tweak is strongly related with the background activity. With background Manager, users are able to launch and run multiple apps in the background. Moreover, you can even make the tweak launch specific apps in the background once the device reboots.

Once installed, this amazing Cydia tweak offers you a preference panel for Background Manager in iOS’s stock setting app. Inside, you can see two main sections: Global and Each App.

As you might understand, the Global section gathers all the features for all apps within your device. Within this section, you can define backgrounding rules for every app on your device. In the same time, you can select the background mode: None, Background and Native, which is fast app, switching.

The second section is the section where things start to get interesting. Here, you can setup specific rules for every individual app installed on your device. When tapping the Add Item button, you will be able to see a list of all your apps in alphabetical order.

Once you select the app you want, this will be added to your list of global overrides. The global app overrides mean that you can get special auto launch functionality. For example, you can make the app launch on install or on boot.

As it is expected, some critics might suggest the fact that Background Manager is harmful for the battery life of your device. When you think about background running apps, you think about low battery in a permanent state. However, this is not true. It is natural for Background Manager to take a little extra battery life, but this is not that noticeable. If you are interested in enhancing your backgrounding experience, you can find Background Manager for $0.99 on BigBoss repo within Cydia download store.

Redsnow for Untethered Jailbreak on iOS 6.0.1

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With each iOS released on the market, even if it is designed for developer use only, people still look forward to find a proper jailbreak tool in order to jailbreak their devices. With a new iOS released, and namely the iOS 6.0.1, developers already launched a jailbreak tool to perform jailbreak 6.0.1 untethered.

In case you do not know what Redsnow is, let me give you a hint. Redsnow has become quite a popular tool among jailbreakers because it offers a quick support for jailbreaking both on Windows and on Mac. This amazing tool has gained its popularity during time because it offers a quick and easy manner to gain full control over your device. The bad news is the fact that Redsnow performs jailbreak only on those devices using Limera1n exploit and namely all A4-based devices or lower. If you have a new device such as iPhone 5 or iPad 4, you need to wait a little bit longer before you can perform jailbreak on it.

To make things clear, Rednsow only performs untethered jailbreak on older bootrom such as iPhone 3GS. For the rest of devices running on iOS 6.0.1, you have available only a tethered-boot version. This means that you will need to boot your device in a tethered mode each time it runs out of battery or if you accidentally turn it off. It could be quite annoying at some point, but if you really want to have freedom on your device, to be able to install various third party apps and to have Cydia Store available, I am sure that a tethered jailbreak will be enough for now.

When you boot tethered it means that you need to reopen Redsnow, to go to Extras and then to click on the Just Boot option. You need to perform these three steps each time you shut down your device. So, unless you want to boot tethered several times, I would advise you to wait until an untethered version appears on the market. Moreover, jailbreak developers suggest the fact that as soon as iOS 6.1 is available for public use, you will be able to jailbreak it quickly. With a small update, Redsnow will also perform tethered iOS 6.1 jailbreak and perhaps, jailbreak iOS 6.1 untethered even sooner.

The Usefulness and Importance of Cydia

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Most of people, especially Apple users, are already familiar with all that jailbreaking means. In the first place, jailbreak is the process that offers you all the freedom you need and want on your iDevice. As you already know, Apple devices are restricted and limited to have only some standard features. With the help of jailbreaking and Cydia, you can enhance performance and utility on your device. Jailbreaking offers freedom and liberty while Cydia download offers an amazing variety of apps, tweaks and extensions. Some of them are even free of charge. With Cydia download, you will be able to download and install various Apple apps that were removed a while ago. In the same time, on Cydia you can see and download some android apps as well.

To convince you about the usefulness and importance of Cydia, I want to mention you several Cydia tweaks and I am sure that you will enjoy them. In the first part, there is the WinterBoard app that offers enough freedom and liberty to customize background, theme, ringtones and wallpapers. You can even change the color of icons and keyboards. In the same time, people who enjoy entertaining can find great games or music cydia apps free. People who love texting may find a multitude of SMS apps that will make the experience of texting much easier and simple.

However, in order to benefit from those great opportunities, you need to have some Cydia sources to download from. When you jailbreak your device, you will have some default repos but I am pretty sure that those would not be enough for you. Over the internet, you can find many Cydia sources for any category you want. Some sources host applications for enhanced power, others for gaming and entertaining while others are specialized on themes, ringtones and wallpapers. It all depends on how much attention you want to pay to your device. The more Cydia sources you will add, the more chances you will have to find the app you are looking for.

Cydia offer the possibility to enhance performance and power of your iPhone, to make it more than a simple smartphone.

Great Things About iPhone 5

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If you believe the Apple iPhone 4S is remarkable, you can also let amazed with the impressive details that the iPhone 5 could give you. There are available several new components that you will certainly enjoy on this smartphone. This is the reason why I advise you to continue reading.

First I am going to talk about the monitor. Most of us recognize that when something is bigger, it appears to be a lot better. Most of the recognized smartphones have greater and also larger screens. Most of us know that Apple is rather popular for their multi-touch technology, as well as with a larger monitor they can do wonders like never ever in the past. If you loved the iPhone 4’s 3.5″ monitor, then you will drool over the rumored 3.8 to 4″ screen of the iPhone 5. It might not be as big as the HTC Titan’s 4.7″ display, yet I make sure that your eyes will pop out when you viewpoints occurring from its greater and also now better monitor.

Secondly, it is very important to know that the A6 Processor chip is faster. If you liked the A5 processor chip of the 4S, at that point you will definitely be blown away with this faster (lightning quickly) A6 processor. Multi-tasking will never be an issue once more on this mobile. If you enjoyed the easy way that the A5 chip offered you, then you will fall in love once more with this lightning quickly and great A6 chip. We still do not know if the iPhone 5 will come in with a dual-core or quad-core processor. But one thing is for sure, Apple will amaze us. With this faster processor, you are ensured to dethrone the renowned Samsung Galaxy S2.

Last but not least, I want to inform you regarding the 3D imaging. Most of us appreciated the 3D made it possible for smartphones that other mobile giants discharged last year. It lacks a doubt a substantial results. This is real for people who like to wager their cherished video games on their smartphones. The addition of 3D captures, processing, as well as imaging on this handset will definitely secure the bargain.